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Welcome to the store! By purchasing directly from us we are able to offer you tracks much cheaper than the major stores and you know every penny is going to the artist. We're not in it for the money, but it all helps towards running the site and promoting the artists. Please come back soon, as we'll be adding more music and there'll be more free stuff too.

The Pyjamas, Sunsets and Acid E.P. is the long anticipated second release on Intelli-Trance from head honcho Eryk Orpheus.
As a busy music producer and audio engineer Eryk decided to take a break from creating Freeform to concentrate on other projects.
The new E.P. is a welcome return and although Eryk has maintained his unique sound this release showcases his talent for creating original and diverse sounding productions that push the boundaries of Freeform.
The Doofs, Squeaks and Bleeps E.P. is the first freeform release on Intelli-Trance for Eryk Orpheus and shows how he is continually striving to create new directions for the Freeform and Trancecore genres.
Previously only available through seeing a live performance, Eryk has now decided to release his P.A. tracks exclusively through Intelli-Trance.
With his own unique blend of relentless percussion, screaming 303s and uplifting leads, you'll find it hard not to dance!!!!!!
Available now.
Could it be Sirius? is the first release on Intelli-Trance for The Pressure Technique and it's easy to see why we wanted to release this E.P.
Each track is a concept that will take you on a musical journey through time and space and whether on the dancefloor or listening at home you'll be immersed in an experience that is difficult to forget.
We're going to include the Cd cover template too, so if you're old-school like us you'll be able to print out the artwork and add it to your collection.
Eryk Orpheus Vs Group 185 was our very first release in 2005.
Having performed alongside each other at various events the guys decided that they wanted to release a mix of their most popular tunes and who better to do it than JD. One of the Group 185 DJs, JD was a much underrated talent on the Hard Dance and Hardcore scenes so he was an obvious choice for the mix.
The Album is available as a free download, or you can still grab a copy on CD for a very reasonable price ;o)

DJs: There are a limited number of places available on our promo list. If you would like us to consider you for our promo list then please send an email to, telling us what styles you regularly play out and what events you have played at in the past.

We're also interested in your music too, so feel free to send us a link to your demos.